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  • Rappers are some of the most popular people on the planet earth. These male and female lyricist have a ridiculous amount of influence too.
  • pictures of hip hop honeys including all the top video vixens in the rap world of entertainment.
  • Buffy da body Pics is where you can see the bodie of a woman named buffie.
  • Buffie the body is a premiere hip hop honey that has been a black bikini model for years.
  • Rosa Acosta pics combine images of stretching and fitness exercise while wearing a bikini thong.
  • Millions have seen Beyonce exposed through nip slips and wardrobe malfunctions like several other female celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian.
  • What exactly is a Phat Azz Gallery and is it interesting? Well after visiting this page you be the judge of that.
  • Official gang hand signs from gang members that are part of the Crips, Bloods and MS-13.
  • The street art of graffiti has been around for a long time in the city of New York and now taggers are all over the world with spray paint.
  • For those of you asking the question how can I Create My Own Graffiti Bombing this information should help.
  • Learning to draw thug graffiti is not as hard as one may think.
  • So you have expressed the words I want my name in ghetto graffiti letters to people who just can't understand why.
  • Graffiti girls are a perfect mix of body art and sexy women who are willing to use their frames as a canvas artist.
  • Wild Style Graffiti Letters are the art characters used the most to tag trains, buildings and walls.
  • Tag Graffiti Alphabet is not the traditional letting we are custom to and it's extremely hard to draw.
  • Rapper tattoos are some of the hottest ink in the entire entertainment business.
  • Lil Wayne tattoos are probably the most recognized of all tats in the entire hip hop arena.
  • The gangsta and thug rapper Rick Ross tattoos represent for all the heavy set or fat guys in and out of hip hop.
  • When I first saw the rapper Gucci Mane tattoos I didn't think anything was abnormal or weird.
  • Ladies love the rapper Ace Hood tattoos because he works out to build up his muscles to really show them off.
  • In the ATL the southern rapper Waka Flocka Flame tattoos are well respected.
  • Drake the rapper tattoos are nothing like many of his rap peers in the hip hop music industry.
  • Rapper 2 Chainz tattoos are on his arms and leg. After he left the group Playerz Circle and dropped the hit single "Spend It" on his own the tattoo designs he got inked received crazy exposure.
  • Bow Wow tattoos have gotten a little more serious since becoming a man.
  • Cee Lo tattoos are pretty cool. Many of the tats are from when he was in Goodie Mob but he has acquired a few new ones since recording on his own.
  • Fat Joe tattoos are probably the fewest in the city of Miami as a rap artist.
  • Flo Rida the rapper tattoos are colorful and fit the back of this Miami rap artist well.
  • Kanye West tattoos are really not plural but singular. Yeezy has one tattoo on his left arm of what seems to be a poem.
  • Kreayshawn tattoos are vivid, funny and far way from serious. It seems she likes Disney characters because she has a couple tatted on her arm.
  • The rapper Machine Gun Kelly tattoos are awesome for so many reasons.
  • Nicki Minaj tattoos are probably one of the hottest things within hip hop for the years 2011 and 2012.
  • Plies the rapper tattoos are nothing short of certified gansta just like the lyrics he spits across hot beats.
  • Roscoe Dash tattoos are not as popular as Soulja Boy or Waka Flocka tats but are still worth taking a look at.
  • Soulja Boy tattoos are all over the tumblr blogs and Twitter. How many does he have?
  • Trey Songz tattoos are nothing like his singing and rapping friend Chris Brown.
  • Trina the rapper tattoos are worth looking at especially if she has on a bikini or thong.
  • Wale the rapper tattoos are not as heavy as his Maybach Music boss Rick Ross tats.
  • Young Jeezy tattoos are not just a southern thing but an Urban Ink thang
  • Tyga the rapper tattoos are all over his body and constantly get exposure in that hot Compton sun.
  • Yelawolf tattoos are wild and colorful and he rocks them with utter confidence.
  • P. Diddy tattoos are simple but surely have great meaning to him as he has enough money to get whatever design he wants from any famous tattoo artist.
  • Jermaine Dupri tattoos were never the talk of Atlanta or anywhere else on the Internet until he decided to get the face of Janet Jackson on his side in 2009.
  • Future the rapper tattoos got some buzz when he dropped that hit single "Magic" in the Atlanta streets.
  • 2Pac tattoos are the most popular tats in the entire gamut of hip hop.
  • Keyshia Cole tattoos are what we like to call in the south "Honey Ink".
  • Curtis Jackson tats also known as 50 Cent tattoos have been seen millions of times across the Internet.
  • Beyonce tattoos are very subtle but seem to have some very important meaning to her.
  • There are now several Birdman tattoos that cover his body from head to toe which include the top of his head where there are red stars.
  • Singer Chris Brown tattoos are extremely details and stretch across his chest with wings and roses and extend down to arm sleeve tattoos.
  • Mr. Dipset Jim Jones tattoos consist of arm sleeve tats and some chest ink.
  • We have watched the Monica Brown tattoos go from the lonely arm tattoo with Jesus on it to some pretty colorful wrist tattoos.
  • The sexy Rihanna tattoos are fun to look at especially when she is wearing a bikini thong on a beach.
  • You gotta love the weed smoking rapper Wiz Khalifa tattoos which he has all over his skinny little body.
  • Rapper Busta Rhymes tattoos are some of the best tribal tats in the hip hop game.
  • Cassie tattoos have been viewed all over the Internet especially when she started dating Diddy and leaked naked pictures of herself.
  • Eminem tattoos designs are those of personal memories and nothing means more than his daughter Hailie which is on his right shoulder.
  • The Dominican rapper Fabolous tattoos are all about money and flare.
  • Jay-Z tattoos are not as popular as his wife Beyonce tats but they did get major exposure for the IV finger tattoo.
  • Kid Cudi tattoos are simple arm designs that he got years ago.
  • Lil Kim tattoos are fake and have been placed on her body as marketing props many times.
  • Rapper Meek Mill tattoos explain the reason he was signed to Maybach Music Group with Rick Ross.
  • Snoop Dogg tattoos are not only of the ink he personally has on his body but designs that fans have gotten tatted with.
  • Taraji P. Henson tattoos are probably the sexiest designs that I have ever seen on an African American woman…PERIOD!
  • If you have ever seen the words Golf Wang then you have seen Tyler the Creator tattoos.
  • Vivica Fox tattoos are the sexy ones that we all expect a classy woman to get.
  • Rapper Drake has an Aaliyah tattoo on his back to carry on her legacy.
  • Ever wonder what rapper high school pictures look like. Was you favorite rap artist a jock or a nerd when they were in elementary, junior high, 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade?
  • There is a massive amount of people who want to know a rappers net worth. Many of them can't understand how someone can be so rich for rhyming words on a hot beat.
  • A compilation of some of the best rapper quotes ever written or spoken by rap artist.
  • We want you to enjoy this collection of rapper mugshots that have been put together from the jails across the United states.
  • Andre 3000 mugshot is horrible just like majority of the other rappers that get arrested for stupid things.
  • The biography of rapper Drake Graham is a little different from many of the other very famous rap artist in hip hop.
  • The biography of rapper Lil Wayne is very long especially if you try to include all of his music accomplishments and problems with the police.
  • Rapper pics can be used for many things including Myspace, Tumblr and Facebook pages for friends and fans to see.
  • There are over one thousand pics of Trina the rapper on the Internet from Google and Yahoo images to blogs or fan sites.
  • Rapper lyrics make for the best quotes and sayings to tweet and post on Facebook walls.
  • A rappers real name does not work as a marketing deploy for every rap artist.
  • Kanye West real name is exactly the same. Most rappers can't get away with this in the entertainment industry.
  • The Teflon Don Rick Ross real name is William Leonard Roberts II. Yup, can you believe there are two African American names like this.
  • For years there has been rumors floating around out gay rappers in hip hop.
  • Trying to find rapper Twitter names can be a very daunting task especially if it's different from their alias or rap names.
  • The quickest way to change the desktop of your personal computer is to download rapper wallpapers.
  • A Drake wallpaper 2012 has to be on point for the millions of fans and Twitter followers he has.
  • Today it's much easier to remember rapper birthdays. Years ago you had to hit up Wikipedia and read the first two lines to check for their B-day.
  • Have you been out to buy the rapper clothes you see in videos or spot at events like the BET Awards or MTV Awards?
  • The future of hip hop is still bright but we can't forget about the dead rappers.
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