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Yelawolf the Rapper Tattoos

His Red Neck Tattoo Is Hardcore

Yelawolf tattoos are wild and colorful and he rocks them with utter confidence. Forever compared to Eminem who signed him to his label Shady Records, Yelawolf spits lyrics well. He has a gully trailer trash image of red dirt Alabama that works well for him even through his tattoos.

The biggest tat is right across his chest of a bird with a rose in the middle. On his stomach are words written that say the heart of dixie and a cadillac with two skulls. Yela's arms sport fish tats and a cold blooded John Wayne design.

Perhaps the most country thing I have ever seen is his Red neck tattoo. He literally has the word "RED" tattooed on the side of his neck with a black "Colt 45" gun above it. This white hip hop artist crushed things in the streets in 2011 and I believe 2012 will bring him some Billboard 100 records with Eminem. Pics of this rapper are all over tumblr blogs and hundreds of fans are grabbing designs and ideas from the pictures posted every week. If he decides to get another tat bloggers will know about it within days.

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Rapper Yelawolf Tattoos