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Trina the Rapper Tattoos

The Baddest Chick Is Tatted Up

Trina the rapper tattoos are worth looking at especially if she has on a bikini or thong. This Miami female rap artist has been one of the finest in the hip hop game for years. People have always wondered who she was dating but that became apparent when the tattoo of Lil Wayne name on her wrist was photographed.

She has dated NBA player Kenyon Martin who loved her enough to get tatted with red lips on his neck representing Trina. What a dummy! He actually had it covered up after they separated.

Did you know that Trina has a lower back tattoo and a star tat on her stomach? In addition to that there is a Chinese letter inked on her wrist. Wonder what the meaning of that is. In 2012 we will see more female tattoos and female rappers may be involved heavily as the male hip hop heads go hard.

If you ever need any ideas just pick up an Urban Ink magazine or turn your television to BET's 106 and Park or MTV2. You will surely see some new tattoo designs. If that doesn't work hit up a black gossip blog and peep out the latest pictures of your favorite celebrity. It won't take long to find a post where one is heavily tatted.

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Rapper Trina Tattoos

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