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What Is A Rappers Net Worth?

The Richest Rapper Is Very Wealthy

There is a massive amount of people who want to know a rappers net worth. Many of them can't understand how someone can be so rich for rhyming words on a hot beat.

Diddy Richest RapperIsn't this just an advanced form of nursery rhymes? Haven't we been doing that since kindergarten?

Well, ladies and gents, that's exactly what it is and the rap artist who realizes this are some of the richest people in the United States. Yup, they have become high paid rhymers.

Do not look into filling out a resume or bother asking about a salary in preparation for a rap job though. The music business does not work like that at all. The yearly income for a rapper is still a bit vague. It's also not your typical 9-5. This is mainly due to the various factors of the entire profession altogether.

The richest rapper who happens to be Sean "Diddy" Combs at the time of this writing is worth about $475 million dollars. Yup, Jay-Z is in second place coming in at $450 million.

These numbers are nothing to sneeze at as the amount of money they have acquired places them amongst the wealthiest people in the world. Needless to say that both of these hip hop moguls are successful at what they do.

So that brings us to the question. How much do rappers make?

Well, that question has many answers and paths we could go down. Nothing would be accurate in doing this. So let's just give you some figures to chew on.

The average rapper who has hit the billboard top 100 brings in $15K - $50K per show. They also command an average of $17K per public appearance. The superstar rapper gets upwards of $100K for appearances. None of this counts album sales or monies generated from the sales of t-shirts and other brand items.

Most of your successful rappers will reach the million-dollar mark in their career.

Rich rappers like Eminem are hot commodities and seem to make money hand over first from endorsement deals or reality shows and commercials. When you are hot you have to run hard. Forbes Magazine named the list of the 2012 potential rap billionaires in 2011. People are on that listing that you would not expect at all.

You know the world is strange when Wiz Khalifa can make 11 million dollars in one year for his music. Hip Hop is a weird side of entertainment, to begin with.

There are so many different segments to hip-hop it's not funny. It uses to be just break dancing, graffiti and rap music. Today it's that and much more including acting!

I wonder who the richest rapper 2013 will be. There could easily be a sleeper on deck. Look how fast Drake Bell hit the scene and amassed great wealth.

The top 10 list will shift often over the years and the list of 50 will have some new talent on it soon. The stronger and better technology gets the more a rappers net worth will rise.

Having access to your fans through social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube is creating millionaire rap artist faster than ever.