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Soulja Boy the Rapper Tattoos

The Chest Tattoo Designs Are Intricate

Soulja Boy tattoos are all over the tumblr blogs and Twitter. How many does he have? When he first got signed to his record label there were hardly any. Now this Atlanta rapper has at least 60 tats. On the neck tattoos those that stand out are he dollar sign, music note and red lips.

Little ones like the cross under his left eye are hardly talked about because the back tattoos and arm sleeve ink are surely attention getters. Seems like there is hardly any skin left to place a new tattoo design on now. Hands are covered and chest is colorfully inked as well. Many rappers don't get stomach tats but this ATL hip hop artist is different.

On Soulja's stomach is a Superman symbol along with a Scarface movie tattoo that says "The World Is Yours". Right below those tatted up markings is the Rich rappers name "Soulja Boy". There were rumors floating around that the ink was fake but he quickly ended that by releasing Twit Pics of him in the mirror with no shirt. I don't know if he has any songs recorded for 2012 but that will probably not stop him from tweeting another tattoo picture of a new idea that he or Kat Von D has come up with. Maybe then we can get more answers to questions like, What do Soulja Boy tattoos say?


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Rapper Soulja Boy Tattoos