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Rapper High School Pictures

Ever wonder what rapper high school pictures look like. Was you favorite rap artist a jock or a nerd when they were in elementary, junior high, 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade? Well we have looked around and came up with a pic or two of certain hip hop artist.

Drakw the rapper high school pictureAlthough younger pictures are great it those senior images we all want to see. Right before they walked across a stage and grabbed a diploma to enter the work force or entertainment industry.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with making good grades but you have to admit it's hilarious when a rapper acts as if they are just hood and speak only ebonics.

True many of them have limited education as they are high school drop outs but some of them are scholars.

Celebrity pics from early within their childhood gives the fans an inside look at what life may have been like as they grew up. Were they deprived of things or were they extremely fortunate?

This is the best online documentation of everything for rappers so of course we had to include high school photos. Be amazed to see their image before they became famous and amassed fame and fortune.

Some of the richest rap artist are still humble as they were years ago and then you have the ones that have BIG egos and major attitudes.

If you don't see the hip hop artist you are searching and looking for it may be because they never graduated and dropped out of school.

Check back frequently because we will constantly be updating the rapper high school pictures page. Everyday their are thousands of young girls and boys who are striving to become stars.