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Never Forget About Rapper Birthdays

Follow Them On Twitter and Say Happy B-Day

Today it's much easier to remember rapper birthdays. Years ago you had to hit up Wikipedia and read the first two lines to check for their B-day. Unless you were a serious fan even this wasn't enough to remind you.

Rapper BirthdaysTwitter, bloggers and Facebook has now made this ridiculously easy. Sometimes their birthday is a trending topic for the world to see. This has happened for Kanye West before.

On blogs you will see a bunch of post with rap quotes on these special days accompanied by chart topping songs from the artist. Savvy fans have cards designed and they are updating their walls with them on Facebook.

Of course none of this compares to the city they were born in because the radio stations normally blast information about parties in their favor. Superstar rappers celebrate at different clubs in different states.

Diddy has done this before hitting three cities in one day. If you can get a party invitation or win one from the local radio station it's well worth it. To even get on the list to an event of this magnitude is sometimes impossible depending on the rap artist.

Lil Wayne and Kanye West have literally spent 10's of thousands of dollars on their birthday party. Most keep it clean but you do have the street rappers that take it directly to a strip club at some part of the night.

That's fun anytime though…LOL!

The rapper birthdays you want to remember from now on will be easy if you bookmark this page.