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Your Favorite Rapper Tattoos

Rap Artist and Their Crazy Skin Art!

Rapper tattoos are some of the hottest ink in the entire entertainment business. Outside of many rock stars or gang members rappers have more tattoo body real estate than any average man or woman.

Rapper TattoosThe minute you see Lil Wayne, Rick Ross or Wiz Khalifa you quickly understand that this is part of the street credibility that most hip hop artist have.

There is nothing that speaks louder than a tattoo on your face such as the one sported by Gucci Mane!

It seems that the more outrageous your ink is the more props you get.

Arm sleeve and chest tattoos seem to be the trend in the rap world. Only the brave and bold enter the realm of back and head tats.

Baby from Cash Money Records and Soulja Boy represent those categories well.

Southern Rappers don't hesitate to head over to a tattoo parlor.

However, out of the hundreds of rappers that exist on the east coast not many go past 2 or 3 tattoos. this is a far cry from the west coast rappers who have a minimum or 4 in most cases.

The designs chosen by hip hop artist often are celtic tats, something dealing with pop culture or mob and gang affiliations. Every once and a while you get one that inks up their neck or arm with a child, mother or girlfriend's name.

When this happens and a break up occurs which is often. Out comes the search for covering up the tat or looking for removal options.

It I had to give some advice to one or all of them it would simply be… "Just get some quotes as your new or official tattoo". This is safe and it's allows the world to read their mind, literally.

2012 will bring some awesome skin art from your favorite rapper tattoos archive. I will try to keep up with them here but this may prove to be difficult. I don't know if I will ever be able to keep up with 2013 of rap tats.


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