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Famous Rappers Real Name

What Does the Birth Certificate Say?

A rappers real name does not work as a marketing deploy for every rap artist. Success that superstars like Tupac Shakur and Drake Graham have experienced using their true name is rare indeed.

Rappers Real NameOne of the first things a hip hop artist do is come up with an alias or nickname to shield themselves from the world. This allows the artist to create a bigger or better personality.

You are going to laugh at some of the government identities some rappers have. The other thing that will surprise you is the age of some of them. I was thinking about creating a script to allow fans to quiz themselves on the facts.

Head over to our rapper biography facts page to get the information you need. Find out who grew up with or without a dad. Many of the hardest and roughest artist were raised by their mother in a rough neighborhood projects in an inner city.

When I grew up I had really close friends call me a name that represented my personality or a particular sport I played and these names stuck all throughout high school and beyond. It's the same way for the hip hop artist who are no different from the rest of us. Well other than the fact they get a check with their nickname on it…LOL.

Do you have the same government ID as a rappers real name?