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Pictures of Famous Rapper Mugshots

Why Did These Rap Artist Go To Jail?

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Rapper MugshotsRappers do some of the dumbest things that land them in jail. Everything from high speed chases with cops to domestic abuse. Of course we can't leave out the number one and two categories of drugs and guns.

As much money as they have and with the access to personal assistants and stylist it seems none of them had a fresh haircut in their pictures.

That brings me to the question of weapons charges. With millions of dollars in the bank why not hire a body guard to carry a licensed gun? Is street credibility that important?

While that question lingers in the rap community there is the ever so problematic situation of drugs and money. The saying "You can take a rapper out of the hood, but you can't take the hood out of a rapper" is often on the money!

So many pics and videos cover the Internet of hip hop artist flaunting money and talking about drugs it CRAZY. It just doesn't make since to trade off music success to go backwards to drug dealing or gun toting only to head off to a place like ricers Island.

The large city spots like Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles and Miami seem to have the rappers that push this lifestyle the most. This is why the newspaper in these cities are so profitable. News like that is worth BIG money. In many cities you even have small magazines with names like mugshot weekly that are even profiting on people who go to jail. Whenever a local rapper gets locked up it's payday for them.

To some degree I understand what they are doing though. If you can write lyrics about being an inmate in a penitentiary facility there is a great chance your album can go platinum.

Even with that being a plan the outcome could go horribly wrong and then there is the fact that many still have not sold records to a platinum status.

Who will be the next superstar celebrity to hit rapper mugshots for the years 2012 and 2013?