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Rapper lyrics make for the best quotes and sayings to tweet and post on Facebook walls. Not to mention they surely help out when you can't understand what the rap artist is saying.

rapper lyricsIn our research and reading we quickly found out that most of the lyrics deal with sex, drugs, money, partying and women. Most of the lyrical databases can be found on large blog platforms that have been collecting and posting them for years.

Our website simply organizes the rapper with a picture and a little information before pushing you ahead to the lyrics. The list we have compiled will always be incomplete as there are hundreds of rappers and thousands to come in the future.

When you read the words to your favorite song try to look for a hidden meaning. Artist write their lyrics from a very emotional spot in their hearts. Sometimes it's from anger, love, betrayal, sadness or happiness. This is often the foundation of great music and award wining albums.

The lyrics to my favorite songs come from struggle and confusion. One of the best recordings on the planet earth came from Tupac Shakur. "So Many Tears" was a classic as soon as he wrote and recorded it. This track was the street anthem to millions the day it released on June, 13 1995.

Seek out the rapper lyrics you need to ad that special meaning to your life situations.