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Rapper Biography Facts That Keep You Informed

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Today you surely have to read a rapper biography because the facade that some of these artist put on is actually believable. Even though many of your favorite rappers are from the hood and managed to make it out…there are those entertainers that are playing a role.

Rapper BiographyOnce you read through these biographies you will be amazed at what you find within the text.

Be prepared to laugh at the lies about their age, birthplace, parents, education and of course their old neighborhoods.

Biography facts are the only thing that can separate the entertainment that these rap artist provide us through videos and songs.

You would never know through the lyrics that a gangster rapper spits that he is really an educated and responsible individual.

I was throwed off when I found out that Plies the Rapper went to college at Miami, OH and even played football as a punt returner. You can't even imagine the amount of degrees some of the gulliest hip hop artist have.

There will be some books written and some videos or movies made about the superstar rappers. 50 Cent has already ran with one of these models and rest assure he will not be the last.

Wikipedia has to be constantly updated due to the ever changing accomplishments of rappers. A bio written on Jay-Z or P. Diddy 6 months ago is going to be lacking a lot. People of their caliber move and shake amongst the best of them constantly making history.

One thing that can change a wiki bio page faster than anything is the birth of a baby or marriage. A rapper biography will be interesting for many years to come and I for one will continuously read them.