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Pics of Trina the Rapper

There are over one thousand pics of Trina the rapper on the Internet from Google and Yahoo images to blogs or fan sites.

This is one of the finest female rappers to ever grace the hip hop world with her figure and lyrics.

There are other women in hip hop but not many of them have the kind of booty that Trina has.

The pictures she has taken for KING magazine and even some calendar pics have been instant pinup photos for thousands of men and boy.

She really is the baddest chick. This is not because she is the best lyricist.


It's because her body is crazy hot.

Lil Kim and Foxy Brown were just sexy and long before Nicki Minaj showed up it's was only Trina. Slip-N-Slide Records and Trick Daddy knew what they were doing when they signed her to the label.

I'm from Atlanta so I see southern bell Georgia Peaches all the time but this Miami hip hop honey surprised me and everybody else for years. So many dudes want to see her naked it's not even funny. All this sparked from the pics of her in a bikini thong.


I'm not sure what her work out plan is but it's working because that butt is still round and looking good. She is an O.G. female rap artist with 10 plus years in the game and still looking good.

Pics of Trina the rapper will be around for a very long time.

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