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P. Diddy the Rapper Tattoos

Puff Daddy or Sean Combs Is Not Heavily Tatted

P. Diddy tattoos are simple but surely have great meaning to him as he has enough money to get whatever design he wants from any famous tattoo artist. The tattoo on the neck says God's Child which is questionable in the hip hop community. People are calling Diddy the Devil. That's pretty mean.

Bad Boy which is his record label and entertainment company is tattooed on his arm and Muhammad Ali is on the right side of his chest. There are not that many pictures of his ink on the web because he doesn't have many. Rick Ross and other rappers like Kreayshawn have tons of pics across Tumblr blogs and Facebook or Twitter. Sean Combs is the richest rapper alive but doesn't get into tattoos that much. Yes, he has more money than rap artist Jay-Z too. Both are in a race to become the first billionaire rap mogul.

Rapper P. Diddy Tattoos