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Nicki Minaj the Rapper Tattoos

Picture Gallery Including the Chinese Letters

Nicki Minaj tattoos are probably one of the hottest things within hip hop for the years 2011 and 2012. People like to talk about the tats on her fans neck but it's the Chinese letters on her personal arm that get ALL the attention.


Usually females get quotes or poems but not Nicki. On her left arm are those mystic letters from China. People are asking the meaning. They are also asking what do the letters say. It simply says "God Is With Me Always".

Listening to her lyrics you wouldn't think she had a faith like that. As an artist in hip hop she doesn't speak much on it at all in public. This female rapper has fans with tatted up pictures of her on their back too. That ink got a lot of press for awhile. Women are getting all their new tattoo ideas from Nicki right now because of her fame and influence. Madd pictures are showing up on the Internet through Tumblr blogs of designs for women by the droves and Minaj is one of the main reasons for this.

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Rapper Nicki Minaj Tattoos

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