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Rapper Machine Gun Kelly Tattoos

The rapper Machine Gun Kelly tattoos are awesome for so many reasons. He has the letters MGK on his back with flames that are pretty big. On his chest he has EST 1990 which I have never been seen before. The right shoulder is draped with ink that has the Interstate 71 North sign.

His white skin gives a great contrast to the arm sleeve colors of ink that lace up his body. The leg tattoo is pretty cool too. Nothing is doper than the tatted up face designs that many rappers get but Kelly's face tattoo is pretty simple. 2012 will be a good year for this new rapper and I'm sure we will see more pictures of his tats. More symbols like the red one on his elbow will be captured by Canon 5D Mark III or newer Nikon lenses. Someone may even catch a better pic of the words written across his stomach.

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Machine Gun Kelly the rapper tattoos