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Are There Really Gay Rappers?

Hip Hop Has More Than Lesbian Rap Artist!

For years there has been rumors floating around out gay rappers in hip hop. At first fans and even other rap dudes ignored them all but things have surely changed.

gay rappersIt seems that gay pride and acceptance in the media and pop culture has relaxed the choice. Not one that is mainstream has made an effort to come out of the closet though.

Hip Hop is not strong enough to support a outright gay rapper yet. This has fans and bloggers calling out those they see as suspect by following them on Tiwtter, Facebook and lifestyle interaction with the opposite sex.

A DJ can get away with their sexuality a little bit better because they are not in the public eye as much.

That is unless you are super famous like a DJ Khaled. I'm sure they come across the situation of having to play trance music in clubs from time to time too.

I know that the Atlanta Pride Weekend fill the street for 3 days and all you can hear and see is rainbow colors. I'm sure there are some gay rappers attending the clubs and events in the ATL that weekend.