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Lil Wayne Tattoos

Weezy F. Baby Is Inked Up

Lil Wayne tattoos are probably the most recognized of all tats in the entire hip hop arena. Not because he has sold more records than any of them but because he gets the most media press.

The ink that gets the most eyeball traffic is his arm sleeve tattoos. One you get past those you will quickly ask yourself.

How many tattoos does Lil Wayne have?

Counting the tattoo quotes on his back I would say more than 150. They are everywhere including neck and face where he bears Fear GOD on the eyelids. Not many rappers will get tatted up on their forehead but Lil Tunechi did.

That move was out done by his play father Brian "Baby" Williams when he place a red star on the crown top of his head.

Weezy has black teardrops by his eye which is said too symbolize that killing of someone. There is zero evidence of this but the streets are talking.

The pics of Wayne are all over blogs and social media platforms like:

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  • Flickr
  • Google Images

Unless you live under a big rock you have seen many of these pictures in 2011. The year 2012 will be more crazy being that rapper Drake and Nicki Minaj are burning the billboards.

I'm sure award shows and concerts will be packed with fans of this awesome trio from Young Money. Many of them waiting for Lil Tunechi to go shirtless so they can see the M.O.B. tattoo across his chest.

I may write about the meaning of all the Lil Wayne tattoos in the future but enjoy the pics for now!

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