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Kreayshawn the Rapper Tattoos

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Kreayshawn tattoos are vivid, funny and far way from serious. It seems she likes Disney characters because she has a couple tatted on her arm. Millions of fane have seen them on her Youtube videos. So, what are Kreayshawn tattoos?

Well, there is a Mickey Mouse hamburger, numbers on her fingers, a dog with a hat on the right arm and tear drops on the left and right index fingers. This rap artist is wild in lyrics and tats. The woman has chicken and a green leaf on her arms too. Not to mention the words "My Mind Exploded" on the forearm.

I haven't seen a clean pic yet but there is some ink on Krey's left side too. Photos of her half naked with no panties on reveals some things if you look closely. 2012 this female hip hop artist will take over some billboard spots with her crazy lyrics. I'm surprised she doesn't have a "Gucci" tat somewhere on her body. I know she won't be blank for ideas of new tattoo designs as her mind is open to much.

I even think there is a lil debbie image on this white rapper.

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Rapper Kreayshawn Tattoos