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I Want My Name in Ghetto Graffiti Letters

Bombing Hot Murals of Street Art Everywhere

So you have expressed the words I want my name in ghetto graffiti letters to people who just can't understand why. I surely get it. There is nothing like seeing your name on a public wall with vibrant aerosol spray paint colors done by an elite taggers.

It's hard to commission the best though especially artist like Stash who tagged a pair of Stussy Nike and also killed a pair of Bathing Ape sneakers years ago to change the shoe game.

Spraypaint is popular in the streets and murals are popping up by individuals that have the time and wall space. Tagging or also commonly known as bombing has spread world-wide. Who would have known that something that started in the urban cities in New York and in subways on trains would branch out nationwide and overseas. It's some of the best artistic expression I have ever seen. Alphabet taggers and alive characters have helped spread this community through social media and old skool forums and bbs bulletin boards too.

Instagram, Facebook and twitter have exploded the shear amount of pictures that are shared daily through these networks of friends and family. It has made it extremely easy to recognize talent across the board.

Graffiti murals are rare to see these days unless a famous rapper dies like Notorious BIG, Tupac or Pimp C. Not only do taggers hit the streets but tattoo artist ink up a lot of skin during these times.

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