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Hip Hop Honeys

Hip Hop Honeys have become a staple in the rap community making this line of entertainment highly sought after for black women. With the vast amount of money being made in reality shows chicks are swinging this way by the droves. Being close to connections of rappers and RnB singers is helping some of them sell calendars, books and of course landing their own TV. show. 

Melyssa Ford Picture Gallery

Melyssa Ford

Buffie the Body

Angel Fershgenet Picture Gallery, models

Angel Fershgenet

Azzareya Crystal Curtis Picture Gallery, big butt

Azzareya Crystal Curtis

Esther Baxter Picture Gallery, black, sexy

Esther Baxter

Nadia Dawn Picture Gallery, videos

Nadia Dawn

Ki Toy Picture Gallery, black video

Ki Toy

Vida Guerra Picture Gallery, vixens

Vida Guerra

Nikki Alexander, Hoopz, Flavor of Love, Picture Gallery

Nikki Alexander
" Hoopz "

Glenn Twins Picture Gallery, ebony video

Glenn twins

Gloria Velez Picture Gallery, behind the scenes

Gloria Velez

Veronica Rodriguez Picture Gallery, tasty flavors

Veronica Rodriguez

Jaime Cloud Picture Gallery, video honeys

Jaime Cloud

Kathy Picture Gallery, hip hop honeys, uk


Elke the Stallion Picture Gallery, brazil boom boom

Elke the Stallion

La'Shontae Picture Gallery, pics


Model Lyric Picture Gallery, thumbnails


Buckeey Picture Gallery, booty clap


Michelle Picture Gallery, rap video


Miya Granatella Picture Gallery, nude

Miya Granatella

Nicole Narain Picture Gallery, brazilian

Nicole Narain

Pasha Picture Gallery, rap music


Erica Mena Picture Gallery, phat azz

Erica Mena

Chessika Cartwright Picture Gallery, ebony, model

Chessika Cartwright

Sincerely Ward Picture Gallery, video chicks

Sincerely Ward

Somaya Reece Picture Gallery, galleries

Somaya Reece

Eboni Jackson Picture Gallery, game girls

Eboni Jackson

Tasena Picture Gallery, girls


Candace Smith Picture Gallery, naked

Candace Smith

Clayanna Warthen Picture Gallery, video honeys

Clayanna Warthen

Ivonnah Erskine Picture Gallery, black video vixens

Ivonnah Erskine

K.D. Aubert Picture Gallery, music video honeys

K.D. Aubert

Shelly Rio Picture Gallery, sexy hip hop honeys

Shelly Rio

White Chocolate Picture Gallery, sexy models

White Chocolate

Jayde Steele Picture Gallery, black video honeys

Jayde Steele

Eye candy is almost an understatement especially with black models like Buffy the Body, Melissa Ford, Lola Luv and Ki Toy Johnson. These honeys are some pioneers but there are new ones coming into the game weekly. With the power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Myspace their followings have blown up with hundreds of thousands of fans and followers.

Hip Hop Honeys better known as hip hop honeys are all over computer desktops as backgrounds, wallpapers, cellphone images and they are here to stay.

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Pic