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Graffiti Is The Best Form of Street Art

Alphabet Wild Styles Are Amazing

As an artist do you call it bombing, graffiti or tag graffito? The truth is those terms all come from a tagger who is inspired to create wonderful public wall murals using the best spray paint and nozzles.

This form of street art is getting more complicated though. Overseas in places like the UK and Germany different styles are popping up and the fonts or characters are changing drastically.

It is nearly impossible to learn all the styles from different graffiti artist across the world in places like Sonoma and Petaluma for example. To create your own graffiti characters you should have had a mentor for at least 2 years. Even then trains and walls have to be tagged several times over a course of at least a year to be noticed respectfully by master aerosol artist.

In the state of California there is a restaurant who has dedicated a certain time for hosting and dining with grafiti taggers in a banquet and meeting setting. From what I have heard the spray paint writers love it.

I'm sure you can find some of the best art crime representatives in the hip hop community eating and socializing there. When hip-hop combines with graffiti you get hiphoperos at it's finest. With the prefab architecture of quebec natives the styles of murales sprayed on by bombers have changed drastically.

Searching engines like Google, Yahoo or Microsoft's Bing will return pictures and great articles on grahiteur characters from tagging crews world-wide when keywords are placed correctly. Don't forget to look up words like green design wall decoration design using aerosol too. I mainly pay attention to playdo graffiti techniques and tips on using nozzles correctly.

In closing murals from some of the best graffiti artist in the world can be found online and this includes all countries and provinces in Canada too. Wild Style is some of the best and it's in abundance across the Internet.


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