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Gang Hand Signs from Gang Members

What do these coded symbols mean?

Crip Gang Members

I'm sure you have seen them in your life, Gang Hand Signs from Gang Members. Please do not mistake these hand gestures you see as fraternity signs from college campuses. Many places like the Chicago gangs website can provide you with clarification. Many like to call it a movement which is wide spread in African American and Chicano or Latin American community.

Regardless of your thought of negative effects or support for these activities you need to understand that this is real and serious business. Good versus Bad and Saints vs Devils goes back for millions of years and it will not go away until Jesus returns.

However, it does seem that some Crips and Bloods are calling a truce do to the MS-13 Mexican gangs who run deep and are highly organized.

The fact of the gridiron is that these codes symbols mean everything to the individuals who throw them up. I have personally seen them anywhere from rappers, famous athletes, inner cities and on tag graffiti art. No joke it has even been documented on major networks like National Geographic.

Turf is sacred to gang members but why? The color red worshipped by the Bloods and the color blue reverenced by the Crips.

The crimes and violence that comes along with the gangsters has no real relevance but continues everyday especially in the west. I came across a couple of American Gangsta episodes on BET and that was surely part of the problem. Glorifying criminals on national television on the #1 station geared for African Americans.

Even Hip Hop artist contribute to the violence by writing gangsta lyrics and naming themselves after certified mobsters and killers. Mexican Mafia is now making history within the movement too. Last time I checked us news reported that the gang MS-13 is the biggest and deadliest crew in the United States, Surenos playa.

I read that Mexican brown pride is responsible for most of the Los Angeles crime related murders of Bloods and Crips including many inflicted deaths. At one time it was the 18th street crew that regulated the streets with tagging and publicly displayed tattoos. Surveys show that if the American boarders are not controlled better Mexican gangs will continue to flourish and dominate organized crime in Cali.

Did you know that urban communities like Compton are 45% Spanish and escalating in numbers. Even the parks of Chicago and New York are increasing with Hispanics at an alarming number.

The LAPD is hiring more bilingual personnel cops to handle the streets of these violators. They have to speak the language just to keep up with the organization of the crews. That's why the Columbian's run the drug game. Experts are worried because security threats are escalating the problem that exist.

Here are gang hand signs used by gang members to either identify their membership or to antagonize members if others gangs.

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