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Flo Rida the Rapper Tattoos

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Flo Rida the rapper tattoos are colorful and fit the back of this Miami rap artist well. The red and green surrounding the block letters that say his name Flo Rida cover his entire back.

Rap tats are common but this hip hop slash pop music rapper really goes hard with his ink. The arm sleeve tats are really detailed including the Jimi Hendrix tattoo on the left arm.

Sometimes ideas are hard to come up with but the new tattoo designs on Flo Rida were not complicated at all. The rap artist has ink on his chest representing Sammy Davis Jr. and Ray Charles, two music icons and legends. 2012 should bring more ink for fans to see as he continues to record hotter music. Maybe he will team up with new comers like Kreayshawn who also has some wicked tats of cartoon designs.

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Rapper Flo Rida Tattoos