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Drake the Rapper Tattoos

Does He Have A Back Tattoo?

Drake the rapper tattoos are nothing like many of his rap peers in the hip hop music industry. There are no dead presidents on his chest, black tear drops under his eyes or face and definitely not one celtic tattoo can be found.

Drake the Rapper TattoosDrizzy Drake sports a simple pink songbird on his left shoulder and an O.V.O Owl on the upper right shoulder for now. If his ego doesn't get in the way or pressure from his other rap buddies does not get to him he will have under 5 before his rap career is over.

I can guarantee you that he will never get anything close to the amount of Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross or rapper Lil Wayne Tattoos. It takes a bunch of street credibility and hardships to wear the ink badges of some of these caliber rappers.

At some point we may see Aubrey Drake Graham get some arm sleeve tattoo designs but that's about it. I can't really see him hitting the gym and pumping up his chest to sport tats across those pecks. He may even end it all with just his simple owl tattoo.


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