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In Loving Memory of All Dead Rappers

Rest In Peace To Lyrical Geniuses

The future of hip hop is still bright but we can't forget about the dead rappers. The rappers that left us memories from recording some of the best music ever heard still count.

Dead Rapper Notorious BIGOutside of their kids or family members rap artist carry a legacy forever to old and new fans through their music.

Thanks to the innovation of another Genius by the name of Steve Jobs the records of deceased rap artist get purchased on a monthly basis.

iTunes allows anyone to live or relive their life by listening to recorded music that was written years ago.

With entertainment such as movies, video games, commercials, phones and computers the music can be heard in many different ways to provoke emotions.

Outside of the music posters and tattoos are printed and inked on paper and skin to carry on memory too. To date there are probably more Tupac Shakur tats than any other dead rapper hands down.

Sampling from new artist and producers or remakes of the songs allows the music to live on. When an individual goes as far to sample their music that allows them to once again live. Take a drive down any metro city area where a rapper was born and I'm sure you will see tribute graffiti on many walls too.Dead Rappers

Hot urban radio stations play music every year on the day of the birth or death in remembrance. Even rapper costumes are purchased for halloween if they were famous enough.

Once day your favorite hip hop artist will be deceased. How will you honor these dead rappers?