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Create My Own Graffiti

It looks good on paper and trains

For those of you asking the question how can I Create My Own Graffiti this information should help. This drawing art style is a difficult way to express yourself with a can of spray paint. Some people disagree but I personally think that graffiti tags enhance the environment where they are placed.

Most taggers are scheming up a drawing and plan to bomb something very soon. The pictures in the pages of their books are golden and should be in an art museum or gallery in my opinion. Some try to learn graffito with online lessons but the real taggers have never been educated through the Internet.

On paper grafiti looks great, however on public trains and walls in urban cities it's absolutely amazing. Not to mention that taggers overseas in Germany and Amsterdam really have bombing down to a science along with hip hop. Trust me when I tell you that bags are filled with aerosol cans and a stencil weekly. It would start with a simple drawing of something like cartoon characters and advance to cns graffiti neck walls within a matter of minutes.

I hope there is an army of digital camera users out there documenting these incredible spray paint artist. This way the pictures can be uploaded and shared with board members in graffiti forums. Social platforms will also be fantastic especially Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Graphic Wall Art or whatever you want to call it is here to stay even though law enforcement has cracked down on tagging. As long as taggers are in the streets these so called art crimes will exist.

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