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Cee Lo the Rapper Tattoos

Gnarls Barkley Tattoo Gallery

Cee Lo tattoos are pretty cool. Many of the tats are from when he was in Goodie Mob but he has acquired a few new ones since recording on his own. In the back of his head there is a symbol inked similar to the one on actress Angelina Jolie. If he gets into acting it may have to be temporarily removed with makeup for the cameras.

The left side of Cee-Lo's head has a rose design that's pretty close to his ear. The tatted up music artist continues the tattoos on the arms and chest. Everything from Chinese letters, a clown, spider web on the elbow and the word Southern is inked on his skin. The south is self explanatory but not sure of the meaning of the clown.

Gnarls Barkley is an awesome singer and rapper who has some hot pictures. 2012 will be interesting to see what kind of ideas fans will come up with based on the tat designs of Cee-Lo Green.

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Rapper Cee-Lo Green tattoos