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Buffie the Body Has A Big Round Booty

Buffie the Body Gallery Pics

Buffie the body pictures are the definition of booty in the pants. She is one of the first hip hop honeys that brought attention to video vixens and black bikini models. She is no professional dancer but who cares when you can thunderclap your butt in front of a camera half naked.

When you actually see the photos it's hard to believe da bodie is carrying all that bootie around. The calendar pics of this uncut hip-hop honey are viewed by thousands of men monthly.

The female rapper Trina calls herself the baddest chick, however women like Buffy Carruth can dispute this title. King Magazine placed her on their cover and that issue could have easily been called the Phat Azz Gallery. Melyssa Ford was the reigning queen in the rap world until rappers like The Game started dissing her. Networking in the entertainment and hip hop community or industry can be a raw deal at times.

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have made things a bit easier but some women are just not cut out for bikini modeling. Journaling can be cruel and finding dirt or good things to write about can be really interesting. Logging into some Hip-Hop forums or rate my pic sites will shock you when you see a video chick in mass abundance.

It may take a minute to hit Kim Kardashian type status but then again she got naked with Ray J.

Buffie the body is a sexy women and she looks amazing in a bikini thong. Sure I can find out much more about her accept I don't want to. I just want ole' buff to keep rockin' a minimal amount of clothes, close to nude...THAT'S IT.

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