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Bow Wow the Rapper Tattoos

Gallery of Tattoo Pics

Bow Wow tattoos have gotten a little more serious since becoming a man. We all watched him grow up with virgin skin and then it happened....the rap artist discovered ink. Now you can see pics of arm sleeve tattoos and letters that say LBW all over the Internet. Shad Moss even has a spider web design on his hand.

That is the light work though. The ladies love to see him with no shirt showing off those tattoos on his chest. On Twitter they talk about them all the time. What do the tattoos say and is there a meaning?

I'm glad Bow Wow is not in love with a women to the point of getting tatted up for 2012 with a design that can't be removed. It seems celebrities love getting names of their girlfriends inked on them. Rapper Trina must have a snapper between her legs because this was done in her honor with red lips by Kenyon Martin. Even Nick Canon has a Mariah tat across his back. WHOA!

Shad Moss is still young so I wonder if we will see new tattoo pics of him in the future. Rapper Bow Wow tattoos are hot and we should see many more.

Bow Wow Arm Tattoos

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