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Biography of Rapper Drake Graham

What Is His Real Name?

The biography of rapper Drake Graham is a little different from many of the other very famous rap artist in hip hop. This is primarily due to the fact he is not American but Canadian. He was born on October 24, 1986 in one of the main provinces of Canada making his zodiac sign a Scorpio. There had to be plenty of cold birthdays in this portion of the world for years before moving to the United States.

Way before Drizzy Drake became a platinum selling rapper he was known as an actor by the name of Jimmy Brooks on the TV series called Degrassi - The Next Generation.

Now that he has millions of fans and Twitter followers people want to know one main question.

What is the real name of Drake the Rapper? It's not a tough one by no means. His birth certificate says that Drizzy was born Aubrey Drake Graham. This first name could easily be a girls first in the United States.

After some hard work and politics this rap star recorded a mixture that grabbed MADD publicity and attention from media and rap moguls getting the attention of Lil Wayne.

It would soon be proven that this helped him land a Young Money Records recording contract in 2009. Drake's first album "Thank Me Later" was announced by by Lil Wayne and completed in November of 2009. It released in 2010, June 15th only to shoot up the Billboards Charts to number one bringing multi-platinum record selling status. This happened once again in 2011 for the album titled "Take Care".

Aubrey is living a millionaire lifestyle with his friends on the Young Money Label which includes his boss Dwayne Carter and female rapper Nicki Minaj. The Drake Bell biography facts will only grow to be larger as he accomplishes more goals and more dreams come true for him.

The biography of rapper Drake Graham will be inspiring to many young men from Canada looking to become a rapper and get signed to an American record label. Very few will have the success he has but at least they have a better chance now that Drizzy has paved the way.