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Rappers Are Enjoying the World of Hip Hop

The Influential Lifestyles of Rap Artist

Rappers are some of the most popular people on the planet earth and these male and female lyricists have a ridiculous amount of influence. 

They just love using it to their advantage too.

There are so many fans that crowd the social networks of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube that social networks have become certified platforms for these hip hop celebs.

Some of these rap giants update their pages more than 10 times a day.

What Is Interesting About These Rap Artist?

RappersWell once you get past their biographies notating their humble beginnings it quickly turns into a life of vanity, fame, fortune, parties and trouble for many.

Some of the net worth estimates for many of these hip hop royalty members is in the 10 of millions of dollars.

Even the one-hit wonders are seeing their way to million-dollar status.

Yup, the salary of a rapper is ridiculous when you consider that the talent simply requires a marketable image and nice lyrics over a HOT beat.

We love rappers because they are so damn entertaining. Especially on Twitter. They update about everything including life, shoes, parties and money.

Everything from the music they record to the videos they shoot is all about stimulating our senses in one way or another. In addition, it never fails that one or several of them will escalate that entertainment by doing something weird, silly or downright dumb!

Many times their behaviour will promote laughter in the areas of…

When this happens the news spreads across the Internet to be picked up by blogs and bloggers worldwide. Often the result of this media exposes these artist to the world using their real names.

The behaviour is often a drastic change from the life they began as a child and many times the evidence can be seen in their high school pics. 

Nevertheless, we continue to follow their tweets and celebrate the birthdays at clubs as if it were our own born date. Some fans go as far as to let them dictate what clothing they should wear. Skinny jeans, air jordans, fitted hats and snapbacks are out of control.

As if this wasn't enough, wallpapers are placed on the laptops of MacBooks and cellphone platforms like the iPhone or Droid. Hell, I even hear people defending the city they live in because their favourite rapper was born there.

It appears that rap artist has a stronghold on millions that will never die down until their favourite artist is dead. Even then the memorabilia will skyrocket fueling the estate of the smart ones who set that up.

I guess rappers are here to stay and hip hop is NOT A FAD!

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